Established in early 1900, The Edison Inn (tavern, pub, bar, etc.  We have been called many things.  Take your pick!)  has survived two moves, prohibition, and a multitude of owners who have each made their own unique contributions that have shaped the face of this amazing place.  We value our legacy of local live music, community roots, and an ever growing respect for those we serve.  How may we help you today?

We are proud to feature local goods & produce both in on our regular menu, & in all our specials. Lunch specials are served from 11:30am - 3:30pm dinner specials from 5pm - 9pm. 

The  Edison Inn is diversity gone unchecked.  From our beer & wine selection to the variety in our  specials to our taste in music.  There is a little bit of everything, & enough of it to please everyone.

We have an exceptional Beer Garden perfect for hosting large parties & reunions!


Hours of Operation
Sunday - Thursday
11:30am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday
11:30am - 12am


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